• TreⱫor Login- TreⱫor Wallet Signin

    Your account might be loading slowly, because of the Users who are most likely to be affected by this issue generally have exceptionally large amounts of incoming transactions, like those who direct pool payouts (coinbases) or clickfarm payouts to their TREZOR.

    As TREZOR needs to load the entire transaction history, more time will be required to load a larger amount of transactions.


    Additionally, this might also influence the time it takes to sign a transaction: the larger the size of an input, the more time it will take to sign a transaction. This especially affects coinbase inputs which are larger. Trezor login

    Transaction signing takes a long time: Too many UTXOs

    When you create a new transaction, the trezor login might take a long time, because of the large amount of unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) in your account. This happens because your TREZOR needs to ndependently.

    Moreover, a transaction composed of many UTXOs might face an increased fee, as the fee is calculated from the size of the transaction. The more UTXOs there are included in a transaction, the larger the size, hence a larger fee.


    In order to avoid lengthy wait times on a daily-basis, you can create a new wallet by activating the select your passphrase and enter, as there are no checks if it is correct. Then go to the “Receive” tab and copy an address.


    Unplug your TREZOR, choose to forget your device, plug it back in, and input your PIN. When you are asked for your Passphrase, do not write your passphrase in, and click enter. You will be brought to your previous wallet. From there, send your funds, by one or more transactions, to the address you have just copied. You can test the new wallet first, by sending a small transaction to the address copied.